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Stone Poets


Three experienced writers and performers, three distinct voices, harmonizing beautifully together to celebrate the song . . .
What began as a single songwriting session to write one song, developed into a weekly gathering of creative minds and a virtual song factory.
Smoke and Mirrors, their 4th album, was released March 24th 2018, supported by Creative BC and the Province of BC.
These candlelight minstrels are perfect for an evening of wine and reflection. They are just as at home in large theatre settings, festivals or private house concerts. Stone Poets are songwriters as well as storytellers. They stir emotions and pull on heart strings. Melodies that stick with you and lyrics to make you reflect – it’s life… and we’re all in it together.

Scott Jackson, Cherelle Jardine and Marc Gladstone. Collectively they are Stone Poets…Their music has been described as “contemporary folk” … folk perhaps, because of the instrumentation: keyboard, two acoustic guitars and rich, harmony laden vocals… contemporary because the subject matter in their songs ventures into uncharted waters sometimes…


Abandon Paris

A 6 piece rock ensemble resembling a cross between Muse and Linkin Park.  Scott shares the front man duties with energetic and charismatic Jamaican born Singer known as Dagriff.  The band consists of Bryan Jasper on Guitar, Marc Gladstone on Keys, Charlie Frie on Bass and Chris Murray Driver on Drums.  Best known for an explosive Live show, Abandon Paris is planning several Live performances and are anticipating to release a new CD in the coming months.  

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Scott's solo adventure is heavily influenced by Alt Country phenoms like Ryan Adams and the Jayhawks.  Mix in some "bono" esque vocals and you get a rich repertoire of moody reflective songs with simple memorable melodies and Introspective lyrics!

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